The outlook dims when the Kansas Sports Betting Bill is out on the house

Legalization Efforts Kansas Sports betting stalled Tuesday.

The Kansas House committee of the whole voted against a Replacement for SB 84, 77-40. The bill had passed senate, 26-12early March.

While not entirely dead, the prospects for sports betting in Kansas are not looking promising this year. It could come back, right HB 2444 could get a boost before legislators adjourn Can.

Is there a chance for the KS sports betting bill?

Kansas entered the year as one of the promising states senate pushed a bill forward 2020 Before the COVID-19 turn off.

“While there is a great chance of survival, it will depend on some important changes.” Member of Parliament Samantha Poetter wrote to LSR in an email.

Poetter was a proponent of legalizing sports betting and even wore one Sport bar stool Sweatshirt during a hearing.

“The good news is that it can be resumed before the session is interrupted. The bad news is that we may not have time to fix all of the problems with it beforehand, ”wrote Poetter.

The Kansas House committee deviates from the Senate

What the House rejected was different from SB 84, which left the Senate.

The Senate bill would expand the state lottery and allow each of the four state casinos to open a retail sportsbook and partner with three mobile sports betting operators. Operators like BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings supported the bill.

Sports facilities like that Kansas Speedway could also partner with a casino for an online sports betting section.

The state would tax personal bets 5.5% and online betting at 8th% under the Senate bill. The Kansas Lottery estimates the state’s weathers could more than set $ 600 million each year.

What’s in the Replacement Kansas Sportsbook Bill

The House Committee on Federal and State Affairs stripped the contents of the Senate and put the bulk of it in there HB 2199.

In multiple hearings in both the Senate and House of Representatives, state lottery retailers were upset over their exclusion.

“We are against this bill for one reason: We are not part of it” Fuel is correct executive Director Tom Palace said on behalf of state energy and convenience stores during a hearing on SB 84.

The replacement of the house included a lottery-approved sports betting partner for an online platform. It would also allow up to 1,200 Retailers take sports bets on lottery machines. These machines would be limited to tier-one use.

Any of the state’s four casinos could also partner with a sportsbook for an online skin. The state would tax personal bets 14% and platform betting 20%.

HB 2444 is a more online-focused effort solely through the Kansas Lottery. It was introduced March 18 and is currently being referred to the Committee on Federal and State Affairs.

The hurdles have been overcome, even when House comes together

If the House passed its version, the two branches would still have to form an acceptable bill to send to Governor Laura Kelly.

Last year Kelly reportedly opposed the Senate bill, hoping for more money through the lottery. The Kansas Constitution requires games to go through the lottery.

The main concerns with legalizing sports betting arise from how much revenue can be generated through the lottery and how competition between casino operators and partners is restricted in the open market.

Politicians also disagree over efforts to reduce a 40% Circuit tax. Other lawmakers have received assistance after failing to receive income for their preferred projects.

The Kansas tribal casinos would shoot their sports bets

Both bills would ultimately allow the state’s several tribal casinos to offer sports betting as well.

The gaming compacts allow largely the same options that are commercially approved.

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