The Massachusetts family receives $ 7 million in severance pay for false death

Daughters will receive $ 7 million in the event of their mother’s unjustified death.

Massachusetts, 52-year-old Zoe Rosenthal died in November 2017 after being hit by a driver her family claimed was negligent. She was out and about with her dog Chester and was at a zebra crossing when, according to a police report, she was hit by Charles J. Davignon, who was driving a pickup truck at the time.

When Rosenthal was hit by the vehicle, she hit her head on the sidewalk and was transported by ambulance to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. A CT scan at the hospital revealed that she had suffered a fractured skull and hemorrhage in the brain. Rosenthal died two days later.

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A jury has awarded Rosenthal’s family $ 7 million in an unlawful death suit. Of the $ 7 million, $ 3 million goes to each surviving daughter and $ 1 million goes to Rosenthal’s pain and suffering. In addition to these funds, more than $ 2.5 million has been allocated for prejudice interest. In total, the verdict was more than $ 9.5 million. The family was represented by attorneys Nicholas Rowley and Benjamin Novotny from Trial Lawyers for Justice and Charlotte Glinka and Karen Zahka from Keches Law Group.

An ophthalmologist who testified on behalf of the plaintiffs said Davignon, 62, had severe visual impairment in his left eye. “He’s basically legally blind in his left eye,” Novotny clarified.

However, a police report revealed that he stayed at the scene and was cooperative. While Davignon’s license was suspended indefinitely, he was not charged.

“It is an honor to see two wonderful daughters finally get justice,” Rowley said. “For the past three years the defendant has refused to accept responsibility for his mother’s death. That changed during this process. This process was necessary because the insurance company was acting irresponsibly and cheaply. Now they have to face the consequences. “He added,” The clerk tells me [in Springfield] that it is a record noneconomic damage verdict wrongfully dying adult heirs in western Massachusetts. I hope and pray that one day insurance companies will start treating victims and families fairly. “

In her obituary, Rosenthal was described as a “resourceful and creative teacher”. It says: “Zoë projected active compassion for the disadvantaged and the oppressed. Her commitment to anti-bias and social justice was fulfilled in her work at Capacidad, a childcare organization that lived up to her values. With Umoja Too, she went to Japan with a dance group, where her daughters performed. She was always ready to help others and share what she had. Her interests were diverse and included photography and glass blowing. Zoë reveled in Latino culture, food, music and salsa dancing. “

Chelsea and Tiffany Castillo both spoke in court. Tiffany recalled, “She was a great mom and she makes me be the best mom I can be.”

“This was a devastating loss for Zoe Rosenthal’s family and for the community of friends and colleagues who adored her,” said Glinka. Novotny added the jury’s award couldn’t bring them back, but “It can help [her daughters] Set up scholarships or other monuments on her behalf so that she is not forgotten. “


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