The center college trainer’s abuse was not reported, the lawsuit mentioned

Seventh said they reported abuse of their teacher to school administrators in a recent lawsuit, but nothing was done about it.

Former math and Spanish teacher Ethel Molina of Taylor Middle School in the Millbrae School District, California, was accused of sexually assaulting, molesting, and caring for her seventh grade students. This resulted in a new lawsuit filed with the county Supreme Court on February 1, reported by their victims, but continued because it was allegedly ignored.

“Former math and Spanish teacher Ethel Molina repeatedly fondled, touched and molested students at Taylor Middle School in the 2013/14 school year,” the lawsuit said. “The crimes were reported to the school administrators and subsequent interviews with students revealed no intervention by school staff. The school did absolutely nothing about plaintiffs’ reports of sexual abuse. Instead, they allowed Ms. Molina to stay employed at Taylor Middle School for the remainder of the school year – further harassing and traumatizing the plaintiffs and other victims. “

In fact, the victims said they told no less than four members of the administrative staff, including the school principal, assistant principal, school advisor and middle school secretary, but Molina was not removed from her position and the child welfare services were never contacted.

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“Instead, they allowed (the abuse should continue) for the school to tell plaintiffs, ‘She wouldn’t be back next year anyway,” said plaintiffs’ attorneys Robert Thompson and Kristen Vierhaus.

Seventh grade victims were often asked by Molina, for trivial reasons, to stay behind after class so that she could inappropriately molest and touch them. However, some of the attacks also occurred during class. The plaintiffs and their families believe the teacher tried to induce them into sexual relationships.

The court documents showed that when the students tried to report Molina instead of referring their complaints to law enforcement, they had the choice of “telling their parents or having the school call”. Many of the girls who became victims decided not to discuss the incidents further. However, one of the administrators was asked by a victim who is now the plaintiff to speak to her parents. This employee “contacted one of the plaintiffs’ parents and undertook to handle the reports appropriately, but those promises were not fulfilled.”

“In not reporting the abuse to local law enforcement, the sheriff’s department, child protection agency and / or the victims’ parents, they have made a concerted effort to gather evidence and information related to child sexual assault at Taylor Middle School to hide, “says the lawsuit.” MS. Molina was very kind to the plaintiffs, all in a calculated plan to abuse them to satisfy their own sexual deviations. Ms. Molina knew that as a young girl of twelve or thirteen, like many teenage girls, plaintiffs could be easily manipulated by an adult in a position of authority. “

Debbie French, superintendent who was hired in 2020 after Linda Luna, who stepped down for a position in another district in 2015, said, “Millbrae School District is committed to promoting positive learning environments, preparing our students for success and safety to ensure. Safety and well-being of all students entrusted to us. We do not tolerate behavior that undermines these values. “

The plaintiffs are demanding unspecified damages for “medical and psychological treatment, as well as psychological, emotional and physical agony, as well as lost wages and other miscellaneous expenses”.


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