SC reduces the sentence imposed on Dacoity / Murder Strict to 22 years

In this case, a person named Shivalinga was convicted under sections 396 and 307 of the IPC and sentenced to death by the court for assaulting the driver and cleaner of a truck, resulting in the cleaner’s death. The Karnataka Supreme Court also appealed, commuting the death sentence to life imprisonment.

It has been alleged that the defendant has been detained for 18 years and that his application for early release was made by enactment by the Karnataka government. Having regard to all the pleas in law, the court stated that if the defendant’s sentence were limited to 22 years’ imprisonment, the interests of justice would be preserved. The court also found that the convict is still young and around 38 years old and can improve his behavior after he is released from prison.

Therefore, the Supreme Court reduced the sentence to 22 years of actual imprisonment for a man convicted in a murder case.

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