SC instructs UP, Delhi and Haryana governments to provide dry rations to stranded migrants in NCR

The Apex Court ordered the central and state governments of Uttar Pradesh, the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi and Haryana to provide dry rations and communal kitchens to migrants stranded in NCR.

The bank relayed these instructions in a motion filed in the Suo Moto case. In Re: Problems and misery of migrant workersto highlight the problems migrant workers faced due to the lockdown announcement in various states following the second wave of COVID-19.

The bank also instructed authorities not to insist that migrant workers show their IDs. If the migrants do not have an identity card, the authorities should provide them with the dry ration after self-declaration.

The bank stressed the establishment of communal kitchens in well-advertised locations and urged governments to ensure that migrants receive two meals a day.

Apart from that, the bank instructed the respective state governments to provide adequate transportation to migrants who wish to return to their homeland.

In addition, the bank called on the respective state governments to make suggestions on the position of migrants in order to alleviate their misery.

This is one of the many Suo Moto cases where the courts are ahead of the curve to limit the plight of vulnerable migrants who have faced the effects of the lockdown to contain the rising cases of COVID-19.

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