Maine Sports Betting is moving forward with the tethering requirement

Maine has agreed on its sports betting legislative vehicle for 2021.

The Legal and Veterans Affairs in Maine met on Friday to discuss four sports betting laws that were tabled at that session.

At the end of the meeting they were reduced to one thing: Sen. Louis Luchini’s LD1352.

Tethering is still a key issue

However, the legislature called for a decisive change in the bill; adding tie up.

Luchini’s bill previously offered potential licenses to any licensed gambling company without them having to work with a local casino, racetrack, or off-track betting shop (OTB).

This will be supplemented by tethering in the future. The exact details have yet to be written before the committee can bring the bill to the ground floor.

How many online betting skins for ME?

A tethering option suggested by Rep Maryanne Kinney was three skins initially per local partner.

That would expand on unlimited Skins in the 24 Months Time.

Maine has two casinos, two racetracks, and four OTBs. That would guess 24 Online skins available initially.

What else is in Luchini’s bill?

  • $ 100,000 Two-year license fee.
  • 16% Tax rate for mobile sports betting providers and 10% for retail properties.
  • No bets on ME colleges.
  • Of the . suggested language NFL to prohibit betting on events with potential integrity concerns such as penalties or color of Gatorade Shower.
  • Language to protect minors from sports betting advertising.

Is the governor on board?

The last point about children watching competition was a reason Governor Janet Mills Vetoed the ME sports betting bill last year.

A Override coordination was missing in the house after Mills assembled her mate Democrats.

Lucchini’s legislation for 2021 appears to allay their stated concerns.

Consensus reached on tethering

Anyway, that Tethering remains a key problem. Current gambling stakeholders seem unwilling to give in on this point.

But Lucchini was happy to compromise to make sure Maine actually passes the sports betting this year.

He has made a “Herculean effort” to get his bill to this point, other lawmakers said.

Keep tax money in ME

Maine only borders one US state, but it’s one that makes sports betting easy for outsiders. Sports betting in New Hampshire is controlled by a DraftKings Sports Betting mobile monopoly where anyone can register and place bets as soon as they cross the line.

NH manufactured $ 11 million taxable in 2020.

North, Canada may also legalize sports betting. Many in Maine don’t want potential tax dollars to leave the state.

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