Lawpath Product Update (February 2021)

Find out about the latest features and updates for February 2021, including our new document library and eSign features.

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We want to make sure we keep improving our platform and February has reflected that. Improvements to our document library and new eSign features are just the beginning!

Here’s a quick recap of all of the new features and additions we made in February.

Updated Dashboard – Ask Lawpath

Our new dashboard has made it even easier to answer your legal questions. The intuitive “Ask Right Path” feature is at the top of your dashboard. It offers access to legal instructions, finds the right documents for your requirements and helps you with all legal questions. This function also covers the content of documents that you create. For example, if you’re looking for a document you’ve created for a specific supplier, you can simply search for their company name.

Improved document library

The way documents are saved and the way you see information about documents has been improved. We have implemented an information window in the library display. User-related documents, the date, the user who created the document, and the document approval history are displayed here. Users can also add relevant notes for each document.

eSign audit trail

Our eSign function now offers even more information. Every time a document is signed, a path is created that provides the user with the following useful information:

  • The date the document was created
  • When or when a signature has been requested
  • When a document has been signed
  • When a document has been completed
  • Details for each signer: name, email, time of signature, IP address, document ID.

This creates even more security about who is signing the document and strengthens the legitimacy of the eSignature function.

You can test the improvements to our eSign function below:

You can also upload PDFs to our platform yourself in order to use our eSign function.

Document editor improvements

We want to create the best user experience. This means that our document editor becomes even more customizable. Some of these exciting new features are listed below:

  • Users can now add tables to their documents.
  • You can add page breaks and manual paragraphs to documents, thereby creating a separation between different paragraphs or pages in a document.
  • Users have increased control over list styling.

Access to our new updates

These updates are all available on our platform and can now be used. Visit our Legal Documents Library or log into your account at Please also contact the support at [email protected] If you have problems with our new features.

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