DraftKings Refuted Report NJ Sports activities Betting Wal Had Proxy Deal

DraftKings Friday pushed back on a report that suggested that one of his VIP clients had a side contract to let him bet from outside New Jersey.

A spokesman for DraftKings told LSR that the sports betting director Johnny Avello did not have an agreement with a customer claiming the company refused to pay its profits on a $ 3 million NFL parlay bet. Sports Handle first reported the story on Thursday.

“We have never authorized the customer in question to make proxy bets,” said the spokesman for DraftKings. “Any claim by this customer that he received an oral agreement from Johnny Avello to proxy out of state bets on his mobile account in New Jersey is obviously false.”

The lack of a clear agreement does not necessarily mean that the bettor is not using or has attempted to use a proxy. DraftKings just seemed to deny that Avello had agreed to a handshake deal for proxy or messenger betting.

What happened in the DraftKings dispute?

According to the report, the bettor said DraftKings frozen their account in late October, roughly three weeks after the winning parlay bet. The bettor also said his stake in New Jersey was placed through a proxy, much like he placed bets on Wynn in the Nevada when Avello worked there.

It is possible to legally bet through a proxy in Nevada, but the rules in New Jersey are far stricter. The practice is so prevalent in Nevada that proxy services advertise their businesses as a legal means of entering the year Westgate SuperContest and Around Sports Million NFL betting competitions.

The bettor said he was considering taking legal action against sports betting to access his winnings.

DK will not address any details

The DraftKings spokesman declined to confirm details of the story, including why they froze the account and what steps might come next. Instead, he referred to a prepared statement:

“While this matter is being investigated by relevant regulators, DraftKings has no comment on this investigation.”

The statement at least confirms that the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) is investigating the situation. The states Attorney General’s Office and the DGE declined to comment. An OAG spokesman did not confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.

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