Delhi HC asks the center to ensure safe oxygen transport to Delhi when there is a lack of oxygen in hospitals

The Delhi Supreme Court asked the center to ensure uninterrupted transport of oxygen to Delhi and warned the authorities concerned against criminal action in the event of failure to comply with instructions.

The bank stated that if one were to become disabled while receiving oxygen, the faulty authorities would be held responsible for their actions.

The bank heard petitions from three hospitals claiming they were in dire need of oxygen and had only a few hours of oxygen left.

These petitions came after the center pledged to increase the oxygen allotment for Delhi from 370 tons to 480 tons. The Delhi government attorney said that while the center increased the allocation, they only received 80-100 tons of oxygen.

The bank had been informed that the lack of oxygen was due to the obstruction of oxygen tankers sent by Panipat, Air Liquidae, etc. The bank was also made aware that an order had been issued under the Civil Protection Act regarding the uninterrupted supply of medical oxygen across the country.

The centre’s order provided that any agency under local administration would be held personally liable if it was found that the order was not being implemented. The order issued by Delhi HC states that the authorities concerned are bound by the order made under the law and that any kind of non-compliance would result in criminal proceedings.

This arrangement also applies to DMs and SSPs, who are responsible for the smooth movement of medical oxygen tankers without obstruction.

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