Business Law: Why it is Important

Business law, also referred to as commercial law or mercantile law, is the body of legislation that applies to individuals and organization engaged in commercial activity, commerce, selling, trading, and purchasing. It is frequently thought of as a separate branch of general civil law. Commercial law generally has some significant elements that set it apart from other fields of law. Some of these include:


The laws governing commercial matters typically cover a wide subject matter. This is unlike civil laws, which generally deal with established rules and categories of behavior. Unlike civil laws, the laws that regulate commercial matters are much more specific. The commercial statues that most states have will cover a broad range of business activities. Each state also has the authority to change, suspend, or modify any of these statutes, so it is important to consult a Long Island business law attorney when enacting any new commercial regulations or statutes in the Long Island area.


There are many different areas of business law. One of these is taxation. Taxation is closely related to business law because the same laws that regulate businesses impact taxes that businesses pay. Attorneys knowledgeable in taxation will often be able to assist new businesses with their tax returns and will also be able to answer questions concerning the IRS.


Business organizations can benefit from hiring an attorney to help them with different types of transactions. Taxes can be tricky to figure out and business organizations need someone to explain the legal implications of different types of transactions. Business law attorneys will also be familiar with all of the different types of laws businesses are required to follow in order to stay within the letter of the law.


Disputes among business owners can be complicated. However, if clients choose to work through a business lawyer instead of working through their own legal representation, they may find the process much more streamlined. Business lawyers handle many of these types of disputes, so they will know how to deal with different limitations. Additionally, business lawyers will help protect businesses from threats and harassment by other businesses, government agencies, and the IRS. Clients may also find that hiring a business lawyer is the best route to take when there are disputes between them and their businesses.

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