Author Spotlight: David Ginsberg and Robert Feisee “How Successful Law Firms Really Work”

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Authors: David Ginsberg and Robert Feisee

What is the main message of How Successful Law Firms Really Work?

The main message of the book is to help lawyers develop and implement processes to run a successful law firm. The book covers everything from technology to office furnishings. Our goal was to demystify the ownership and operation of a law firm – the business side of the law firm – and provide a practical and easy-to-follow roadmap for creating a business plan.

Who is your book written for / Who would it be best to read your book for?

The book is aimed at lawyers who are starting a law firm or want to improve the efficiency, turnover and quality of life of individual, small and medium-sized law firms. The book provides practical tips for anyone who wants to own or manage a sole proprietorship, small, or medium-sized law firm.

What inspired you to write this book?

As we developed and expanded our own law firms, we both realized how useful it would have been to learn how law firms work rather than learn from the hard knock school. We have been teaching Law Practice Management at our alma mater for a number of years and have found the need for a hands-on book on law firm management and operation. We wanted to provide guidance to the practice attorneys on the steps required to create a thriving practice while maintaining a high quality of life.

What will surprise readers most about your book?

I think readers will be surprised that you don’t have to work weekends and give up family time to run a successful law firm. Good time management and solid procedures enable attorneys to be successful without digging themselves into the ground. Our time is our most valuable resource, and it is important that lawyers understand the habits that are required to control their time.

What Is The Most Important Thing What Readers Take Away From How Successful Law Firms Really Work?

Legal practice imposes certain ethical and professional standards on law firms that other companies do not face. At its core, however, a law firm is a company that provides legal services. Our book helps lawyers understand how the various departments (legal, technology, human resources, office space, etc.) interact and function in a successful law firm.

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