Arizona Sports Betting Bill Clean House Hurdle Clean

Arizona Sports betting legislation seems to be coming to a head.

The Arizona house agreed to insist HB 2772, 48-12. The bill now goes to senate than most likely AZ Sports Betting Legislation to make it all the way Governor Doug DuceyWriting desk.

in the February, the states Senate Budget Committee merged the sports betting ambitions of the chamber SB 1794, a bill to make historic horse racing possible. It is waiting for a full vote in the Chamber but remains an unlikely proposal.

A Smooth Trip With Sports Betting In Arizona?

Because Arizona is trying to tap into a sports betting market that could generate up to an estimated value $ 42 million On taxes, the House has found a cleaner way to legalize it than the Senate.

The bill provides 10 Licenses tied to professional sports organizations and others 10 Licenses to the state game tribes. The bill also legalizes daily fantasy sports.

The House of Representatives bill received little opposition to data protection in committees. Opponents also included sports bars and restaurants who complained that they had missed out on potential revenue.

Arizona tribal support

The Arizona sports betting bills started out as the larger pieces necessary to get a new gaming pact negotiated between Ducey and the Tribes.

Questions were raised during the bill hearings on how and if Tribes support the wider legalization of AZ sports betting. Throughout the process, several tribal leaders spoke out in favor of the bills.

Explain your “yes” vote, Rep. Jasmine Blackwater-Nygren repeated the support strains issued for HB 2772:

“They rely on play facilities and provide jobs and basic services,” said Blackwater-Nygren. “Tribes don’t have the same access to the same tax base as cities and counties. This bill offers tribes another way to increase their gaming revenue. “

The Senate’s route has become controversial in relation to tribal support, as some have suggested that historic horse racing practice violates an earlier game agreement with tribes dating back to 2002. The HHR bill was passed 5-4 by the Appropriations Committee after the sports betting bill passed the Senate Trade Committee, 6-3.

Two routes still live in Arizona

Since the Senate bill may provide for a “poison pill” due to its HHR basis, this route does not seem likely.

The Senate could approve the bill exempted from HHR regulations to regain tribal support and broader political support.

With the House of Representatives bill en route to the Senate, legalizing sports betting in Arizona this year still seems like the cleanest option.

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