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Choosing a Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney for a Smooth Process

Sep 19

When faced with criminal charges in Phoenix, AZ, you must ensure that your statements and actions are not worsening your situation. In this case, the decision you make at the beginning of your case will decide the possible outcomes of your defense lawsuit in Phoenix, AZ.

At Ferragut Law, we believe hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix as soon as you’re arrested would be best. Our experts will work with you from the first stages of your case to ensure you do not make mistakes that could compromise the results of your case. Some of the mistakes we help you avoid include the following:

Making Voluntary Statements

The last thing you’d like to do is make a voluntary statement. After all, police officers only focus on upholding and enforcing the law. Therefore, when you’re accused of a crime, they intend to make you confess so that you’re apprehended. Speaking to the authorities in depth will make your situation worse, even if you are innocent.

Our Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney understands how the police work, so we step in to handle every communication with them. This way, we prevent you from incriminating yourself by falling into the officer’s trap of questioning.

Sharing Information on Social Media

Your case can take another turn if you start sharing information on social media. This is because you never know who is watching you.

A Phoenix criminal defense attorney is the only person you should share your information with. Our experts have your best interests at heart and want to ensure you do not engage in anything that will compromise the outcomes of your case.

Not Providing All the Necessary Information

You should understand that without all the facts on the table, our Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix cannot give you the best representation. In this case, we encourage you to tell the whole story to make our job easier. The best thing is that we build a rapport with you from the first meeting so that you can share even the sensitive details without judgment fears. After all, our goal is to have the details to build a strong defense and fight for your best interests.

Overlooking Possible Defenses

It’s vital to consult a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix to identify all the possible defense charges. We will help you use every piece of evidence available to ensure the outcomes are in your favor.

 When you are arrested for a crime, you might lose the composure to make the right decisions. Therefore, you should hire a professional Phoenix criminal defense attorney for the right representation in your case. Feel free to contact Ferragut Law today for a free case evaluation. Our Criminal Lawyer Phoenix and DUI Lawyer Phoenix are available anytime.

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