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Characteristics Of Every Successful FBA Business 

Jun 18

It goes without saying that running an eCommerce store is quite overwhelming, especially because of the tough competition in the market. From handling the products to ensuring that your customers like what you sell, dealing with all the orders and managing shipments, etc, you’ll always have a lot on your plate. On top of that, you’ll have to make sure that you are standing out from the crowd to run a successful business. 

Speaking of online selling, if you wish to become an FBA seller then things can get comparatively easier for you. Establishing yourself on the Amazon marketplace means that you get to leverage this massive global logistical machine that can handle everything for you including, packaging, delivery, and shipment. This cherry on top is that with the FBA program you even get a proper storage space for all your products that decreasing the overhead of your business to a whole other level. 

However, selling on Amazon comes with its own challenges and this is where a brand value accelerator can really come in handy to you. Here are some important characteristics of every successful FBA business that you must know to prevent failure;  

1-Strong Relationships With The Suppliers 

For a business, it is of utmost importance to treat its suppliers just like business partners. This is where maintaining regular and frequent communication comes into action. In a nutshell, as an FBA business, you don’t just have to work on your relationship with your audience but also with the vendors and suppliers who are no less than your lifeblood for you. 

Moreover, to run a successful FBA business, you are supposed to leave a spot for negotiations with your suppliers, especially on the pricing. And in case of any delays or any issues, the suppliers are to be informed immediately. Maintaining a professional relationship with the suppliers is also quite important. For example, you are supposed to prepare proper and professional contracts that are well-written and have all the clauses in them including the terms and conditions of late payments and product returns. The clauses in the contracts should be beneficial for both the parties as this will strengthen the supplier relationships to a whole other level. 

2-Top Notch Quality Product Listings 

What you need to understand as an FBA business is that you can have all the amazing products but if your listings aren’t up to the mark then this will eventually reflect on your sales. You are supposed to put some effort into the product listings on the store. In simpler words, your buyer is supposed to know what your product is, what it does and how to use it, the feel of the product and why he/she should buy it. These are some important things that your buyer should get an answer to at the very first glance. 

When it comes to product listings, you shouldn’t shy away from the fact that you need to spend on a professional photographer and a copywriter. This might seem a little unnecessary at first but it does bring you the kind of results you want. Think of it like this; if you start navigating an online store where there’s a poor product description that makes no sense and poor quality images, would you be willing to buy it? Of course not and you’d immediately quit that site. The same rule applies to your FBA business. You are supposed to get as creative and impressive with your product listings as possible. 

3-Have A Diverse Selection Of Products 

Ever heard of the adage “never put all your eggs in one basket”? Well if yes then you need to understand that the same applies to your FBA business. It’s true that you can get successful with even a narrow product catalog but let’s face it? The more the products, the higher the chances of you being successful. It just makes sense because, with a diverse selection of products, you won’t just be relying on one product. In simpler words, if there’s a shift in the market and if its sales decline, it won’t affect your business much. 

Moreover, with more products, you’ll get a better and more diverse subset of customers which will eventually lead to higher sales and more profit. At the same time, it’s important that you put some real-time effort into all of your product lines. You are also supposed to look for new product opportunities that’ll bring you more profit and more customers. 

4-Have Multiple Sales Channels 

Just like product diversification, you also need to have diverse sales channels. It’s true that Amazon is a great sales channel but it shouldn’t be your only source of revenue. If you want a more resilient business then a multi-channel approach can work wonders for you. A proper plan and strategy are of utmost importance if you want to succeed as an FBA business but at the same time, you should also have a strong digital presence like a storefront or a website where your customers can learn more about you and our products. Moreover, look for other fulfillment networks while you work on your FBA business and hire an amazon business broker too for higher sales on Amazon. All these factors will together help you build a solid online brand that’ll stand out from the crowd. 

These are some of the most important characteristics that you must consider to run a successful FBA business. However, what you must understand is that it’ll take you some time to see the results even if you are putting all of your efforts into this business model. There’s no magic strategy that’ll help you get your desired sales overnight and the process takes time. Stay consistent with your efforts and work on your supplier and customer relationships. The stronger these relationships are, the better the results will be and soon you’ll be able to build yourself a solid and successful brand.